One of my personal yardsticks for how closely a fan of electronic music has followed its history and development is how much they know about Nightcrawlers – assuming they’ve heard of them at all. Wherever you fall on that scale, tonight’s Meander is a must-listen.

While everyone was paying attention to high-profile artists on major labels like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Klaus Schulze, the trio of Peter Gulch, Tom Gulch, and Dave Lunt were producing a huge catalog of cassettes in a basement studio in New Jersey. From very primitive beginnings to some very elaborate works at the end, Nightcrawlers slowly but surely built up a legion of fans, and did quite well for themselves when they scraped together enough money to release the very best of their music on three LPs: Nightcrawlers (1983), Spacewalk (1985), and Shadows Of Light (1987).

All three albums were re-released by Manikin Records in a double CD entitled Traveling Backwards, and with the addition of the Manikin catalog to our library, this old ‘Crawlers fan is thrilled to be able to bring you two hours of this amazing Berlin-school music, played live in a single room with open-air mics picking up the PA and no overdubs.

Tune in tonight at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT and join me as we do a deep dive into the output of this underappreciated group. Listen in, join us in Second Life, or pop into Slack chat (our inviter is still broken – email to request a Slack account on our channel, which will work for this and all future shows).

See you soon, and we’ll all go traveling backwards together!

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