This week, we return to our look at the latest label to sign onto the RadioSpiral voyage: the wonderful Dutch label Deserted Island Music. Remy Stroomer has assembled some truly wonderful musicians playing truly wonderful music, and we all get to benefit!

This week, we’ll introduce the Dutch electronic improv project Mäskälä, which features Remy along with guitarist Petter Janse and various guest artists. We’ll hear some tracks from their first two albums, Uncle Jim’s Cidney Factory and First Day Of Spring. A whole lot of equipment in a very small living room, played live with the Red Light on, and some pretty amazing results.

In our second hour, we’ll get into Entrevues, the new album from the legendary French techno-prog-freakout band Space Art, who last charted in the 1970s and are back with a sort of elegant Krautrock à la Française. Or something.

Finally, a Live Ambient Rant will take us somewhere or another. We’re not sure where. You can consult your ticket, but it’s probably written in cuneiform or hieroglyphics, so good luck with that.

Starting at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PDT, you can choose to just listen in, join us in Slack, or chill out with us in Second Life. We’re looking forward to seeing you!