Deserted Island Music is a Dutch netlabel with some excellent artists and releases. Recently, label head Remy Stroomer reached out to us and offered the label’s catalog for our library; tonight and next Tuesday, I’ll be featuring music from some of these great releases.

On tonight’s show, we’ll feature tracks from The Other Side, a beautiful album by REMY (Remy Stroomer), and Pareidolia, an album by D├Ącker (Peter Dekker) which recently won a Schallwelle Award for “New Discovery Of 2020”.

There will also be a Live Ambient Rant of indeterminate length; if I’m feeling it and don’t want to stop, the show may go long. We shall see.

You all know the drill: Slack chat, Second Life, or just listen along. Our self-signup system for Slack is currently offline; if you’d like an invite to get an account/username for the chat (usable forever once you have it), just email and ask for one to be sent to your preferred email address.

Be here at 9/8/7/6 PM as we kick back on a Deserted Island!