Last night I did a last-minute set, filling in for my friend and colleague Joe McMahon (feel better soon, brother) on his show Etheric Currents. I liked the mishmash of random dancy tracks I picked so much that I saved the playlist, added a few more tracks, and turned it into tonight’s show!

Tune in for fun tracks by Subtle Shift, Sonic Research Society, Gregory Kyryluk, Nienvox, SinQ, Paul Nagle, Stereocolors, Thought Guild, and kalabi… and possibly a Live Ambient slantRant if there’s time. (Kyzil wants one, but because he pestered me, I might deliberately skip it. Blame him. Muahaha. *twirls mustache*)

Come join the conversation in our Discord, visit us in Second Life, or just listen in. We start at 6 PM PST / SLT. See you then!

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