For tonight’s Meander, Mr. Spiral wanted to change things up a bit. We’ve had a fair number of thematic and artist-focused shows lately (and more to come), so he figured it was time to shake things up a bit. So…

Please tune in for a wildly varying selection of tunes by Altocumulus, Ancient Astronaut, Beermother, Caul, Chromadrift, Der Spyra, Flavigular, Franck Matrin, Gregg Plummer, Jack Hertz, Julien Mier, Junior85, Michael Brückner, Mike Andrews, Morandi Experiment, Mystified, Nienvox & Karier, NuReality, ontol, Ozone Player and Matt Howarth, Parityflux, Phillip Wilkerson, Plexus, QX#55, Robert Dorschel, Sacred Moments, SM, and Wolfgang Gsell.

What do these amazing artists and songs have in common, you may ask? Absolutely none of them has anything to do with chocolate.

Grab the sweet confection of your choice and join us in Second Life, in Discord, or just listen in to hear about as eclectic a selection of music as our station has to offer. We start at 6 PM SLT / PST – see you then!

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