Hello, all you endlessly patient listeners! After a grueling six-week work project that very nearly was the end of me, I have emerged bruised and battered but triumphant, and as part of the process of Getting My Life Back™, Meander returns to the airwaves once again!

I want to start by giving a huge shout out to Joe McMahon aka Equinox Deschanel, who covered for me ably over the past several weeks, discovered that it was a lot of fun to have a show, and has now gotten his own spot on our weekly calendar! Please tune in for Etheric Currents every Monday night at 9/8/7/6 PM E/C/M/PT. It’s awesome that we now have hosted shows at that time five nights a week, Sunday through Thursday, and even more awesome knowing there is more to come!

Now then: tonight, I’m throwing myself a Welcome Home party, and the music is going to be chill, downtempo, swinging, and often straight-up jazzy. We’ll hear tracks from Boogie Belgique, SinQ, Aerotrio, Mr. Moods, deeB, Keyray, Hendu’s Groove, Wolfgang Gsell, Garage Jazz Architects, and our good friend David Gerard.

Be there in Discord, show up in Second Life dressed to the nines (we’ll be up in the Art Deco Ballroom – follow the teleport door in the bamboo wall, as always), or just kick back and enjoy a very snazzy Meander with us. The show starts at 9/8/7/6, and don’t forget to wear your zoot suit!

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