It’s Thanksgiving! While we keep close our mental image of a group of happy smiling Pilgrims sitting down to a nice meal with the members of the local tribe who survived the village burning, slaughter, and smallpox, it’s time for Meander to recognize a holiday that is – in every real sense of the word – for the birds.

Look, Mr. Spiral isn’t saying it’s not cool to be thankful. Y’all should be thankful, but not just on one day that’s an excuse for culinary excess. Try to be genuinely thankful every day for what good there is in your life, and share what you can with those who lack. And if you must celebrate this holiday, do it with something tastier than the traditional fare. (Our menu for this year’s feast will shock purists and disgust everyone else. YUMMY!)

In the meantime, since there are surprisingly no ambient space music songs about turkeys, this show WILL be for the birds: Songs about birds, from Cousin Silas, poemme, Gregg Plummer, Robert Dorschel, Museleon, John Dyson, Sensitive Chaos, Stan Dart, The Silver Wizard, Ben Cox, Lucette Bourdin, playman54, George L Smyth, Conni St. Pierre, Christian Fiesel, Boogie Belgique, and – of course – Quackpipe.

Join us in Second Life, in Discord, or just listen in on the platform of your choice… but get ready to fly (or not)! We start at 6 PM SLT / PST – see you then!