“All systems gone! Prepare for downcount!”

Alas, I am not allowed to play that song on Meander, but there should be enough other stuff to smile over during this last April Foolery of 2023.

We’ll hear two hours of tracks at various levels of foolishness from r1ffm4n!!, Wolfgang Nachahmer, Sin!, The Detritus of Love, E[c]lect[r]ic, Hendu’s Groove, George Feledichunk, Dubtrak, deeB, EugeneKha, Ryan O’Rourke, NuReality, DJ Kirill Sergeew, Franck Martin, Ben Cox, Boogie Belgique, David Lee Myers, Nienvox, kalabi, The Lovely Moon… and Slaw.

Thrill to a psychic stew of mismatched music never before attempted in one place! Spooky festival swing on the top floor! Maddening abstractions! Totally non-obscure video game references! Delerious foolishness of the very best sort!  Victorious fanfares bursting free of technological constraints! K-Mart promotional sample mangling! Bendy Sex Whistle! and…Raymond Scott! (and the audience sweeps their hats off, puts them over their hearts, looks skyward, and says reverently to choral accompaniment, “Raymond Scott!”)

Come join the conversation in our Discord, visit us in Second Life, or just listen in. We start at 6 PM PST / SLT. See you then!