Sequencers. They don’t make any sound themselves (usually) but they are at the core of a lot of electronic music out there. A sequencer stores a series – or sequence, hurr durr – of control signals and plays them back in various ways. Sequencers can play melodies, turn virtual knobs, cause other settings to switch, and a whole lot more. Between hardware and software, there are probably over 1000 different sequencers out there… and tonight and for the next several Meanders, we’re going to swim in the sea of sequences.

On tonight’s show, we’re going to bring you a collection of sequencer-based music, the first of several over the next several weeks. Much of it will be danceable (or at least chair-danceable), and all of it is being selected from a mini-library of over 300 electronic music artists, famous and obscure. As with subsequent shows, the selection will be random, and the order curated for the best possible listening experience. We’ve got everything from hardcore Berlin School to modern EDM, and all kinds of interesting options in between. You won’t want to miss this! But you might have to, if you’ve been set to skip this step. (Sequencer joke. I’ll get my coat.)

Come join the conversation in our Discord, visit us in Second Life (dress to get wet, we’re at the Water Temple in the Ambient Waves region), or just listen in. We start at 6 PM PST / SLT. See you then!

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