Tonight on Etheric Currents, the show is “terrible name, great music”, because we’ll be hearing music from the Ogredung label.

This label is an Italian one, and released from 2001 to 2007. It’s very eclectic — everything from straight melodia to ambience, dark and light, to absolute mind-ripping noise. We’ll stay on the melodic end this evening, with some side trips to abstraction, beats, and the less-noisy end of their spectrum with a sampling of tracks from their more than 80 releases.

It’s a a wild trip from gentle melodies through wacky fractured beats and back out again; see you on the other side!

Again, all of these are available via the Netlabel Archive and are hosted at the Internet Archive, If you’re looking for a deserving charity, the Internet Archive is a non-profit supported by contributions, and if you download music from them — or host it there — consider sending them a few bucks as a thank you. Neither RadioSpiral nor I are associated with the Archive other than via our gratitude that they exist; they’re just good folks who could use your support.

If you’ve missed a show or would like to rehear one, Etheric Currents now has a podcast! You can subscribe via iTunes, Spotify, or the RSS feed at

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