This show, we’ll be listening to tracks from the Camomille netlabel.

Camomille is based in Canada, and looks specifically for music that fits its trademark sound, to quote: näive IDM electronica mixed with new age and emotional hip-hop. Soundshiva describes it as dwelling between sweetness, melancholy, and post-modernism. It fits very well into RadioSpiral’s mix of beats, beauty, ambience, and interest. It  was founded in 2002 by Vincent Fugère, combining his loves of ambient music, camomille tea, and his musical inspirations. Their latest release was in 2013.

Tonight we’ll hear a sampling of music from many different releases on the label. As always, everything is available for free download from; just search for “camomille netlabel”. Note that spelling: c-a-m-o-m-i-l-l-e.

We’ll start off the first hour with Sanctity, from Benefit of the Boomerang, and follow that with Lilt by Shiftless. Next is And Now My Love Is When We Say by Brainwash, followed by 3 tracks from Cheju’s Despite All Resolutions: the title track, Van der Rohe, and Off the Eastern shore, then Echion’s Yellow Leaf Fell from Tree and The Window’s Open and My hands are Cold, followed by Mistrial’s Amoureux. Finishing up the first hour is Melissa Welch’s fascinating “myopic”, a long-form piece shifing in and out of many genres but blending them together into a flowing whole.

We’ll start the second hour with two tracks from Shiftless on the Cloudburst release, The Mailbox and Space Dominates. We’ll then hear from Xerxes, whose tracker roots show through, with his tracks Blessed, The Day We Met, and Presets from his Presets album, then his Scar Tissue single. Line Noise is next, with Lexei Londer, Pegasus, and Venutian Girl Passage from the Soul Clouds EP. We’ll finish up with Plosive (our returning artist) with Dubchant, and Alex Young’s Philosophy of Time Travel, both from the huge Featherfoil compilation album.

For podcast listeners, thanks for downloading and I hope the show is helping you through your week. Remember that we now have a show every night, Monday to Friday, 6-8 PM Pacific! Jan Ross’s new Ressac show is our Friday entry.


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