Tonight we’ll be hearing some excellent Berlin-School tracks from a band by the name of Klangwald. In 2012, they released two EPs and one full album on the Kreislauf netlabel:

  • Tomato Juice and Ginger Tea
  • Tolerance and Courage
  • Stressless Life

We’ll be hearing all three of these in full tonight.

They then released a few more albums on the Stereo Poems and Digital Kunstrasen labels before founding their own label, releasing for a few years, and then disappearing. Their Twitter shows 3 tweets in 2014, and then nothing more. I tried to track them down further but was only able to find their commercial recordings and some tracks on Soundcloud,
unfortunately not Creative Commons licensed.

But we do have these three recordings, and they’re outstanding. I’ll be mixing and matching from all three this evening, which will leave us a bit short of an hour. I’ll fill in the last half-hour with a selection of other Berlin school tracks from various other artists in our library.

I’ll post the links to these albums in the #links channel on Discord. I think you’ll really enjoy
this, as they call it, “Couchmusik”.