Tonight, Around the Campfire brings you some tracks from the brand new release by Subtle Shift, a project by Greg Kyryluk, of Alpha Wave Movement fame. The album, called Somber Frequencies, is “a more earthy organic and downtempo doppelgänger to Alpha Wave Movement. Rhythms here are slow evolved beds of pulsing bass lines and field recordings. Music drawn heavily from dub electronica, ambient, and drone influences gently carries the negative vibes away and restores the listener with deep pools of introspective tone and gentle inflection. Somber Frequencies is tuned into the essence of nature’s organic pulse distancing far from the concrete, glass, and steel of urban entropy….”

Your host would just say “It’s really good!”

So tune in tonight for great new music as well as other favourite artists and a Witch’s Brew (live improv), too.

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