Tonight’s Meander is going to be something else…

Spiral Sands will be playing live for two hours during his usual show slot. During the first hour, Mr. Spiral will play from the Steamworks Stage at the Second Life 19th Birthday Celebration (ask him or another RadioSpiral staffer for a landmark to the venue). During the second hour, he will play from the RadioSpiral Steampunk Theater at SL19B (a different landmark, also available from any RS staffer). He will move from the Steamworks to the Steampunk Theater in the middle of the performance, if all goes well, while still playing

Tonight’s show will be an improvisation that’s (a bit) more structured than usual, once again surrounding a story that’s (somewhat) less made-up-on-the-spot than usual, told by that enigmatic wanderer of a world cut loose from the bonds of normal spacetime and physical laws… the mysterious storyteller, lover, fighter, teacher, judge, jury, executioner, and halfway house for wayward fleas, known only as The Sayer. Tonight’s story might or might not involve crime, romance, cross and double cross, high-octane action, random narrative asides, and a fair bit of shooting…. but it will definitely involve the Summer Solstice and a mysterious steampunk railway known only as The Through Line. Be there to hear the tale!

If you’re not going to be at SL19B, don’t worry. The show will be simulcast on RadioSpiral at the usual time, and folks are welcome to pop into the Discord and chat while the Sayer has his say. The fun begins at 6 PM Pacific Time / Second Life Time, and we hope to see you then!