Hello! We’ve had a nice commitment to slots for the Mountain Skies 2021 streaming festival so far, but we’ve also had a number of artists asking if it’s possible to pre-record their live sets and provide them to the festival ahead of time. They would like to participate, but simply can’t do a live set for any number of reasons. So:

In order to present the fullest and most diverse and well-represented festival possible, we are now throwing open invitations to any artist worldwide who would like to present a half-hour audio set in advance for time-shifted playback.

Please write to music@radiospiral.net if you’d like to do this. We would need a 30-minute set from you as an audio file, preferably uncompressed AIFF or WAV. You can include a brief “hello” at the start and/or “thank you” at the end, but please keep it to 30 minutes to avoid “the hook.”

If you’d like to record live video as you play or provide us with visuals, you can. Let us know if you plan to do that; we might have a way to stream the video simultaneously. (Working on it.)

Please, though: keep it live and unreleased; we want to make the experience as real as possible. Nobody will mind if there’s a wrong note in there, honest!

Also, if you’d like to join your audience in chat during your set, you should still give us three preferred times for half hours starting at 2 PM through 430 PM and then again at 6 PM through 830 PM (all times EASTERN), on either Friday or Sunday. Pick them so you can be online to talk about the music.

Many thanks, and we hope to hear from a lot more of you out there – there’s now no reason you can’t join us for Mountain Skies 2021!

(PS: we still have live onstage slots available for Saturday.)

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