Electric Leopard Lounge continues TODAY at 3pm-5pm pacific, bringing you livemixed electronica from the Radio Spiral vault.

What is this show about? Basically, I’ll be sorting through every single track in the archives (plus stuff I find elsewhere) and livemixing the ones I like best. I generally pick chill, melodic tunes, with the occasional relaxing drone. Using my livemixing skills, the tracks will be smoothly mixed together to form a coherent whole. It’s a different experience from hearing one track at a time, so I hope you’ll join me to find out how it sounds! I don’t have a set order for tracks, so even I don’t know exactly what I’m playing or in what order.

Today’s show will be featuring Boogie Belgique, which is sorta jazzy, electroswingy sounding. There will also be a short live composition approximately at the one hour mark.

I hope you’ll tune in and enjoy listening!