Notes from the Studio

The light is long here. It is light well before I am awake, and twilight lasts well after 11pm. The plants love it. I do too. It is inspiring.

This Ephemera will reflect quiet summer, mostly, as my memories of summer holidays and how much I enjoy this time of year have made me inspired indeed. I’m making use of some parts of the studio that were not as well integrated before I finally finished configuring them for MIDI programmatic control. I can even use the Eigenharp to play everything in the studio via MIDI, as if having a complete laptop full of software wasn’t enough (it isn’t). So we’ll see how this works out. 

Feel free to just listen, but if you’re so inclined, I will be virtually performing this in Second Life at the SL18B (that’s the 18th birthday of Second Life) in the RadioSpiral booth (you know the drill, pick up a landmark at Orlov). Also I will be playing at the Dome in Pomsigland in Opensim. It is not a requisite to attend though. 

 And we have our Discord chat, if you want to hang out there, I think it’s turned out much better to use Discord, it certainly works better for me. 

Thanks for your continued support. We at RadioSpiral appreciate all of your listening time, and wish you a happy Midsummer.


2 Hours of Live, unedited improvisation and performance

The show starts at 3PM PDT/6PM/EDT/23:00 BST/00:00 WST 

To listen, just click the play arrow on our widget at  or you can tune your media player (or browser) in to (or check our site for more advanced instructions).

Please, if you’d like, meet us in the Radiospiral Slack chat room or in Second Life at the Orlov region (you can pick up a landmark to SL18B),

You can join chat by going to Discord and joining our feature-rich chat room. You’ll usually find our show host in chat too, as well as some of our wonderful collection of musicians.

If you’ve missed shows or want to explore some of the past Ephemera performances, you can find them at which has the past few years of them. Beware, they’re all 2 hours long so there’s a lot to listen to (over 300 hours and climbing).

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