Notes from the Studio

I’m having a really good time preparing for this show. It’s an upbeat theme, one I am fond of, and I’ve just spent a few hours recording new tracks for it for this show, and at least 6 new clock sequences and, well, I think it’ll be fine. 

It’s hard to be optimistic in general, when lockdown is taking on timescales exceeding a voyage to Mars, and being about as isolated, but it will end eventually, and I’m optimistic I can have a pint outside a pub this summer and maybe even see some friends in person.

The more I am playing the more I feel like my mental health is being restored. Whatever else happens I have music. So this programme will feature some fairly optimistic vignettes, I think, even the total improv vignettes which is always more than half of the two hour programme. 

Given it’s freezing cold and windy outside, the toasty warmth of my studio makes me happy. 

 If you want to see me playing in RL, I will be broadcasting this show on, and playing virtually in the RadioSpiral HQ in SL and of course audio via RadioSpiral’s live stream. for the video feed, each broadcast is an improvement, hopefully this one will be as well. If you just want to listen in the background, that’s ok too..

2 Hours of Live, unedited improvisation and performance

The show starts at 3PM PDT/6PM/EDT/23:00 BST/00:00 WST 


To listen, just click the play arrow on our widget at  or you can tune your media player (or browser) in to (or check our site for more advanced instructions).

Please, if you’d like, meet us in the Radiospiral Slack chat room or in Second Life at the Orlov region (we can pick up a landmark to the Sci-Fi Con),

You can join chat by going to and registering for our feature-rich Slack chat room. You’ll usually find our show host in chat too, as well as some of our wonderful collection of musicians.

If you’ve missed shows or want to explore some of the past Ephemera performances, you can find them at which has the past few years of them. Beware, they’re all 2 hours long so there’s a lot to listen to (over 300 hours and climbing).

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