A Hot Studio

 The weather has been making some significant swings this summer. This week we got down to 8C one morning although by afternoon it had got to 24, which meant going out in the morning in a short sleeve when it feels like October. Yesterday, however, it started warm and just got plain hot. 35C. 

My studio doesn’t really take a lot of power, but all of the surfaces do get warm, and if I don’t get a fan running, it gets toasty on a hot day, even without all the equipment on. I don’t really play loud, so it’s ok to have windows open. It still gets toasty.

I’ve managed to get all of the new side onto the midi network and fixed up the audio on that side too. 

An Ephemera is always made of vignettes, small chapters which try to paint a musical story. One of tonight’s was played first in August, 2011, the last (73rd) Ephemera I played before I took a Long Break. My studio got hot then too. 

 If you want to see me, I will be broadcasting this show on twitch.tv as well as my typical haunts in SL and via RadioSpiral’s stream. https://twitch.tv/edisonrex4 for that, this will be the first attempt to do video, so we’ll see how it goes.

2 Hours of Live, unedited improvisation and performance

The show starts at 3PM PDT/6PM/EDT/23:00 BST/00:00 WST 


To listen, just click the play arrow on our widget at  http://radiospiral.net  or you can tune your media player (or browser) in to https://radiospiral.net/stream.mp3 (or check our site for more advanced instructions).

Please, if you’d like, meet us in the Radiospiral Slack chat room or in Second Life at the Orlov region, http://radiospiral.life

You can join chat by going to http://mrspiral.slack.com and registering for our feature-rich Slack chat room. You’ll usually find our show host in chat too, as well as some of our wonderful collection of musicians.

If you’ve missed shows or want to explore some of the past Ephemera performances, you can find them at https://aegura.harriman4.com/ephemera.php which has the past few years of them. Beware, they’re all 2 hours long so there’s a lot to listen to (maybe 200 hours or so).