Another Blowy Day

The one thing that can be counted on in winter is the persistent pattern of low pressure bringing storms which just happen to cross the UK on a weekend, leaving sunny skies for Monday. It’s really amazing. On the plus side I got to spend extra time in the studio and am taking an old underused trackset and sprucing it up. An Ephemera typically has a set of backing tracks for at least one of the vignettes, in some cases more so than others. The tracks do get reused, although rarely left alone. In this case it is almost starting from scratch, which means finally after a few years I am creative enough to create them anew – there were about 70 of these tracksets originally, and each time I have revisited one I’ve added or modified it. This one now bears no resemblance to when it was last used, sometime in 2010.  I’m looking forward to using it tonight.


2 Hours of Live, unedited improvisation and performance

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