Edison's Electronic Review - Tragedy Befalls


Today should have marked the 500th Edison’s Electronic Review.

I’ve been broadcasting this show for over 11 years. I was planning a review of the show with highlights and far more voiceover than I’ve done in years. But today, while editing, the video on my Macbook started scrambling and the thing crashed. Even after taking it apart and putting it together, the machine appears to be kaput. So, rather than panic or mess about, I’m taking my new macbook (Christmas present) out and I’m going to transfer the data from backup to it. This will take too many hours to be able to run the show tonight, and as well, with the death of the 2012 Macbook comes the final curtain for my trusty Ultralite Mk3 which of course is a Firewire device, and no longer an option.

Given that next Friday is Christmas Day, and the one following is New Years Day, I was planning on taking those off anyway, so the next time I will be able to play is January 8th, 2021, so my first show of 2021 will be my 500th EER.

Have a happy remainder of your holidays, and see you in the New Year.

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