Edison's Electronic Review - 512


512, with a variety of EPs from my library.
Maybe you will remember some.

01. Tim Rowe – The Elegy Suite part I
02. Tim Rowe – The Elegy Suite part II
03. Tim Rowe – The Elegy Suite part III
04. Tim Rowe – The Elegy Suite part IV

05. Glanko – Telekommand A
06. Glanko – Apatia
07. Glanko – 9003 (w/ Mote)
08. Glanko – Tele MZ
09. Glanko – Maikurofomu CC

10. Audraulic – Synthetic Cognition
11. Audraulic – Broken Elucidative
12. Audraulic – Algorhythmic Emotion
13. Audraulic – Descent of the Jagannatha
14. Audraulic – Elysium

15. Nulix – Timespout
16. Nulix – Smashed Marbles
17. Nulix – Steal The Night
18. Nulix – Scarlet Twilight
19. Nulix – Tectonic Eyes

20. Satellite Grooves – Accepting What Was Left Behind And The Future Journey
21. Satellite Grooves – Heading To The Outer Regions

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