Edison's Electronic Review - 507

01. Go Ask Alice – ssssun!
02. Go Ask Alice – The sudden dream
03. Go Ask Alice – Circle
04. Go Ask Alice – 1979 … and it’s forever
05. Go Ask Alice – 491250
06. Go Ask Alice – Capricorn
07. Go Ask Alice – Intermission
08. Go Ask Alice – Capricorn (reprise)
09. Go Ask Alice – Memories of a sunny place (to Aureliano)
10. Go Ask Alice – Supernova (Nova alternate take)
11. Go Ask Alice – Born again(st)
12. Akira Kosemura – Forest In The Morning
13. Akira Kosemura – June
14. Akira Kosemura – Catnap
15. Troupe – It’s Complicated
16. Troupe – The Way Things Would Have Been Another Time
17. Troupe – At Least We Have Friends
18. Troupe – Not Much Else
19. Troupe – It’s Really Pretty Simple After All
20. Kalumet – First Wave
21. Kalumet – Second Wave
22. Kalumet – Third Wave
23. Transistors Of Mercy – The Tactile House

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