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“Korsakoff I” is an attempt to design sound for four movie sequences. Artist’s goal was to create a specific mood for each track and to keep melodies at a fragmental stage. Each track’s sound is relevant to a certain place that Clayton wishes that the listener can imagine while listening to the music. The main inspiration for this release was the Daniel Meade’s photo which is also the album’s cover.


01. Clayton Alpha – Torched Animal
02. Clayton Alpha – Heterotopia
03. Clayton Alpha – Invisible Rain
04. Clayton Alpha – Host Of Silence

Release shaped deeply personal musical exploration; the end result is recorded on this album. Using the new workflow and record sound base is tailored from carefully recorded outside shots elements, combined with a sound analogy, the sound that comes out of the primordial darkness, devoid of earthly laws, sound
ribbed electronic shamanism with massive sound spaces filled with pulsating rhythmic waves. Album smooth and warm furnishings are still somewhat more ambiguous, leaving listeners a room to find theirs version of the journey through sinister and mysterious world of recorded sounds.


05. Nulix – Timespout
06. Nulix – Smashed Marbles
07. Nulix – Steal The Night
08. Nulix – Scarlet Twilight
09. Nulix – Tectonic Eyes


Darwin Raymond is primarily a guitar based musician currently residing in Columbus, Ohio. He has also released an EP on Audio Gourmet (Rien/Rain) and an album on FeedbackLoop (Night). His new release on Resting Bell is called “Beyond The Shore, The Sea” and it is a wonderful album focusing on the ocean. Nine tracks with a complete duration of about 40 minutes. Darwin has focused on the overlap and interplay of memory with the present, which he explores by recording a base guitar track and immediately overdubbing it with additional tracks in order to pursue the feelings evoked by those few moments as they are occurring. With his work he captured a depth and beauty which you can find again imaging the ocean, a windy shore and the power of waves and tides. Please enjoy!


10. Darwin Raymond – Beyond The Shore, The Sea
11. Darwin Raymond – Distant Lights
12. Darwin Raymond – Four Winds
13. Darwin Raymond – Adrift
14. Darwin Raymond – No Stars, No Moon
15. Darwin Raymond – Black Rock
16. Darwin Raymond – The Gentle Lap of Waves


17. – [monoKraK145] JohnOv3rblast_Fractal
18. – [monoKraK145] JohnOv3rblast_In_The_Park
19. – [monoKraK145] JohnOv3rblast_Yours_Faithfully

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