Edison's Electronic Review - 498


Music Name: 279

Real Name: Gerard

From: Canada


Link: https://soundcloud.com/279-dream

The album is dedicated to the person who opened my eyes to the whole world for me, to the light that broke the limits and prejudices, to the person who made my life free from impenetrable darkness, filling it with bright light and peace, to the woman who gave me something that is definitely rare ñ real love. I dedicate it to Maria Zablodskaya who is in my heart forever.

Be wise as thou art cruel, do not press
My tongue-tied patience with too much disdain,
Lest sorrow lend me words, and words express
The manner of my pity-wanting pain.
If I might teach thee wit, better it were,
Though not to love, yet, love, to tell me so –
As testy sick men, when their deaths be near,
No news but health from their physicians know.
For if I should despair, I should grow mad,
And in my madness might speak ill of thee;
Now this ill-wresting world is grown so bad,
Mad slanderers by mad ears believd be,
That I may not be so, nor thou belied,
Bear thine eyes straight, though thy proud heart go wide.


The space from which humming and vibrating sounds are heard, the sense of joy and feelings that cannot be described in words or shown in the material world, but can be expressed only by deep emotions and silenceÖ All these are beyond the horizon of unreality. It beckons from afar, it is felt so deeply that you want to dive in it and feel it. However, coming closer to the horizon, you feel the uneven breathing of approaching gap, which includes nothing. To feel it, to feel it inside you and around you, you have to go beyond the reality and change yourself, to become a part of the substance of space, to reunite with it on the other side of reality.

01. 279 – Light Ray
02. 279 – Evening Brings Mystery
03. 279 – Horizon, Which Showed Me The Way To You
04. 279 – Day, Who Brought Happiness
05. 279 – Day, Who Is Eternal
06. 279 – Dreams on the green grass
07. 279 – Feel
08. 279 – Fantasy Forest Story
09. 279 – Beginning
10. 279 – Emotions
11. 279 – Transformation (Drone Version)
12. 279 – Transformation (Easy Version)
13. 279 – Uncontrolled Fluctuations

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