Edison's Electronic Review - 494


Some Hollow Lullabies 

01. emptywhale – The Boy Who Could Hear Colours
02. emptywhale – From A Clear Sky
03. emptywhale – Looking Glass
04. emptywhale – Bembridge Harbour
05. emptywhale – Remnants
06. emptywhale – Seeking Reason 

James Shain
Among Stars
(2013) Label: Cold Fiction MusicGenre: ambient 

Three lush dronescapes are accented by 2 long minimal dronescapes that call a more minimal sense of floating through space highlighted by sparse and distant leads at times. For those a fan of Sunrise in Space and Fading Starlight, this album will be sure to please. 

07. James Shain – Skies
08. James Shain – White Hole Asteroid
09. James Shain – Moons at Dusk
10. James Shain – Life is Dreaming
11. James Shain – The Warmth Before Us (Alt Take) 

Nirgoona Project
(2014) Label: Silent FlowGenre: ambient 

“Aloft” will be your very special moment for relax in evening or night.
It’s really deep & contemplative. It contains experimental material in ambient / chill out / lo-fi / idm styles.
All these genres become one. Tracks have different rhythms & flows, drum lines are very abstract, synths
are atmospheric. Also, this release was made with the help of Alan “Berserk” Rose, who mastered it.

12. Nirgoona Project – Summer Evening
13. Nirgoona Project – Photon


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