Edison's Electronic Review - 493

No beats tonight. We’ll be anti-beat.

This new release has an ethereal, drifting quality and the variety of the pieces is lovely. it’s the sort of album that you could call drone, and indeed there are plenty of subaquatic textures and muted chords here, but there’s more in the shape of more experimental sounds and recordings that punctuate those more ambient moments.

Stabilo is all about the feeling and mood and the one thing that’s common throughout every track on this EP is the fact that there’s always a delicate and fragile beauty residing within each piece.

A successful EP from an artistic viewpoint and no less a coup in terms of the multiple layers that form a depth that soaks you in if you like harmonious Ambient with a meditative note.

“Sleep Deeply” is exactly the kind of album that I love to sit back and collapse to, or work to, or just sit and daydream to.

01. Stabilo – Fossil
02. Stabilo – Azurite
03. Stabilo – Clematis
04. Stabilo – Impure

The fragile veil between dreams and wakefulness can be very thin. These compositions comprise a series of explorations and wanderings into unknown corridors at night where images and sounds hover just beyond the tangible.

05. William Hoshal – From The Edges
06. William Hoshal – Ether
07. William Hoshal – FragileNight
08. William Hoshal – Undone DarkDay

Paul Randall presents something beautiful with “Moirai (waag_rel058)”, something that fits nicely with the emerging waag ‘sound’ and yet broadens it too. This is my kind of experimental ambient: captivating and utterly immersive, a series of soundscapes that work really, really well in both the foreground and the back.

09. Microvolt – Lachesis
10. Microvolt – Clotho
11. Microvolt – Atropos
12. Microvolt – Morta
13. Microvolt – Nona
14. Microvolt – Decima

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