Edison's Electronic Review - 487


Well, this downtempo stuff is back, just because there are a bunch of relatively new releases or I just discovered them. It’s all very enjoyable, so I hope you like it as much as I do.

From Russia, on mnmn records, here is Curly Brown with 87:

01. Curly Brown – Our Island
02. Curly Brown – Inside Us
03. Curly Brown – Requiem
04. Curly Brown – Anna
05. Curly Brown – Silence

From Chile, we have Zifhang with Two Worlds.

06. Zifhang – Celesta
07. Zifhang – Magnetic Fields
08. Zifhang – Old Regular Stuff
09. Zifhang – Syntax Error Nostalgia 16
10. Zifhang – First Contact
11. Zifhang – Near And Within
12. Zifhang – Detuned Symphony
13. Zifhang – Sleeping Funk
14. Zifhang – From Far And Beyond
15. Zifhang – 2 Days
16. Zifhang – I Was Once
17. Zifhang – Blurred And Forgot

From Argentina, on DWK records, here is Darkside with Bitter Chocolate and Flowers.

18. Darkside – The Open
19. Darkside – Bitter Chocolate
20. Darkside – That Night (Define My Days)
21. Darkside – For You I Cry (feat. Billa Qause)
22. Darkside – Soul Mate (feat. Willy Crook)
23. Darkside – Jamestry (feat. Svnp & Black Zombie From Beathead)
24. Darkside – Hooked (Interlude)
25. Darkside – Rayos Sobre El Beat (feat. LHHO From Beathead)
26. Darkside – Shaolin Temple
27. Darkside – Jhanoem The Witch (feat. Jo Quail)
28. Darkside – Questions
29. Darkside – The Lake (feat. Willy Crook)
30. Darkside – Eterno Martes 13 (feat. Prodemm From Beathead)
31. Darkside – Triptical Dream
32. Darkside – This Is My Voice (Whispering)
33. Darkside – Flowers (The Rose Scream) (feat. Baridi Baridi & Willy Crook)
34. Darkside – The Close

Because of the length of this programme I will be starting a few minutes early, to handle the introduction voiceover.


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