Edison's Electronic Review - 484

 Another interesting selection, which I hope you enjoy.

SecondFace returns to the label with a 4 track release of Deep Ambient and Dub Ambient with minimal beatwork. It is quite a change in sound from his first release on the label, but is also a very good release. Emotional Changes and Visions highlight this stellar release with minimal beatwork over Deep Dubby sounds.

01. SecondFace – Emotional Changes
02. SecondFace – Silent Suffering
03. SecondFace – Visions
04. SecondFace – Visions – DOME mix


05. Lingua Lustra – The news is you
06. Lingua Lustra – Zvez
07. Lingua Lustra – The soft whispering truth
08. Lingua Lustra – Violet
09. Lingua Lustra – Toadstool of dreams
10. Lingua Lustra – Stepping out of melancholy

Magic Land’ is a journey into childish fantasy.
The artist’s primary task was to dip the listeners
into a beautiful world of fairy tale. It is
dedication to novels of Alexander Volkov who
made the wonderful world of Magic Land based
on Baum’s ‘Oz’. Every track is a trip to different
realm of that Land. Godspeed!

11. Radio Libra – Prologue
12. Radio Libra – Blue Land
13. Radio Libra – The Campfire
14. Radio Libra – Yellow Brick Road (Born In A Tropical Swamp)
15. Radio Libra – Emerald City
16. Radio Libra – Royal Palace (Great And Powerful)
17. Radio Libra – We Will Never Get Home, Toto

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