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The main idea of the album “Gaia” is a journey round the worlds of John Cunningham Lilly, which he described in his work «The center of the cyclone». While creating this album, we wanted to convey the atmosphere of those spaces in the sound field, which he discovered.  The work on the project was conducted since October 2014 till March 2015. This appeared to be rather difficult time for the project. Under the influence of some external factors the work on the project from time to time was being suspended, the main idea and the lineup of session musicians were changing.
As a consequence, there were created a great number of materials, many of which eventually were not included into the original release. In the process of elaboration of the atmosphere, there was born a sound library “Artificial Nature”, which was separately released and now available for everyone.
Perhaps, due to this delay, Gaia, in our opinion, is the most full and comprehensive work among the other projects we released before. Thanks for everyone, who helped us and took part in the work on the project. Good dive!

01. Gaia – Arrival

02. Gaia – Gaia
03. Gaia – Artificial nature
04. Gaia – Inner lakes
05. Gaia – Arhat

Teppana is a trio from Finland. You certainly will hear the influence by artist Matti T, who released on phonocake some EPs and albums already. In the Triple EP he accompanied with two friends and you can feel a dancefloor moment in some tracks.
Top notch high life emotional output will touch your hearts.
Have enjoyable autumn and winter times.

06. Triple EP – Triple
07. Triple EP – Sleep
08. Triple EP – Summer
09. Teppana – Till We Meet Again

it took almost two years for xenoton to release “traveller” on tonAtom. but the time was well-spent and matthias reinwarth presents a beautiful, tonAtom-suiting set of tracks, destined to meet existing expectations and to find many new friends.

the tracks on “traveller” do without striking effects and fashionable frills. instead the listener can expect clean elaborate electro sounds that focus on an aspect that has been put aside in many other places: composition and melodics. the songs deploy these features to tell us about moods that oscillate between wanderlust, homesickness, well-being and mere existence.”traveller” is deliberately less percussive and emphasises the narrative facetes of the melodies. which in fact does not keep “ij” or “schanzenviertel” from building on luscious foundation layers, which could even make gorillas grunt contentedly.

this album, although almost classical at its core, develops its very own modernity. the combination of highly pleasing feel-good components (please note the beautifully reduced beat in “camden lock”) and tension-building bass and lead lines develops the typical xenoton charm.

and we have to mention the two remixes that complement this release excellently. both reinterpret the original track in their very own ways by adding something new to the already described characteristics. abjective adds some ruptured unrest to “camden lock” revealing a somewhat different aspect of the track. weldroid quite properly underlines the rocking (or at least head-nodding) character of “friedrichshain” with massive beats. both remixes are not added just for being there but they add fascinating aspects to xenoton’s music and enhance the whole release.

10. Xenoton – Friedrichshain
11. Xenoton – Camden Lock
12. Xenoton – Schanzenviertel
13. Xenoton – Barri Gòtic
14. Xenoton – IJ
15. Xenoton – Camden Lock (Abjective Remix)
16. Xenoton – Friedrichshain (Weldroid Remix)

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