Edison's Electronic Review - 481


Some very new releases, mostly 2020 here.

From Canada, on Happy Puppy Records netlabel, here is Lee Rosevere with Promise.

01. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 01 – What did i miss
02. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 02 – Life is strange
03. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 03 – Early Evening
04. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 04 – Chasing Fireflies
05. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 05 – Feelings, Memories, Dreams
06. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 06 – Mini Fireworks
07. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 07 – Morning Sun
08. – Lee Rosevere – Promise – 08 – New Places

TNKS (thanks) is an electronic music project born in 2011 created by Erik Cinà and Francesco Palermo, with two releases under its belt: “Gate one” (2014) and “Nostalgic Happiness (2017), both published by SUCU MUSIC.
The sound of TNKS, contaminated by various musical currents, has evolved through the years, blending different electronic music forms: ambient-glitch-idm-synthpop, all with the main purpose of musical research and experimentation during production. An intimate sound, in the end, achieved through passion and love for music and life in general.

09. TNKS – In The Blue Moon
10. TNKS – Boh
11. TNKS – Rewind
12. TNKS – Surfing
13. TNKS – Continued
14. TNKS – 24 Giugno
15. TNKS – Federpiano (feat. Federico Di Gangi)


Elia has a degree in Jazz Guitar from the Conservatorio di Cagliari in Sardinia, and a Masters in New Musical Languages in Siena, Tuscany. He founded a modern music academy in Sardinia (IT) and has been an improviser and teacher from the age of 18. In 2015 he moved to Peru and began working as sound designer and composer for a media production company. Now he’s living in Istanbul. He has played all across Italy and Europe as a member of the bands OnGaku2, PER, Takoma, Nick Rivera and Rural Electrification Orchestra. He is prolific writer with over 20 albums under his belt.


16. ELYA – Chinese Calendar
17. ELYA – Istasi
18. ELYA – Glaciers
19. ELYA – Cordillera Blanca
20. ELYA – Pastoruri
21. ELYA – Changing immobility

Here comes the debut of OMBRA OBSCVRA, a musician from Valencian region in Europe. The artist plays with light detuning, portamento, piano, as if the world were in constant uncertainty.
A relaxed base makes it possible to have an overview position, while distant bells of the night offer lascivious(!) attention — from the label

22. OMBRA OBSCVRA – a entrada de fosc
23. OMBRA OBSCVRA – de nit a fer la mandra
24. OMBRA OBSCVRA – estranya joventut noctàmbula
25. OMBRA OBSCVRA – la foscor no compta amb nosaltres
26. OMBRA OBSCVRA – por eterna a l’era de la tecnologia
27. OMBRA OBSCVRA – acaba a punta d’alba

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