Edison's Electronic Review - 481

Sometimes I feel the need to actually showcase experimental music. There is a more of it in tonight’s show.

Machineries..what are them? We are! We human beings, now trapped in the network, and addicted absorbed by the consumption of each type of technology; is now an absolute growth tool ?! Indispensable ?! Maybe …? However, we use it and abuse it every day in the daily, minute by minute, automatically and often unconscious. In short, we are more machines than we perceive.

So Walter Fini, Italian artist, expert alchemy sound of other worlds and other places.
The album “Machinery” contains 14 “stories”.

01. Walter Fini – Welcome
02. Walter Fini – Morgenflöte
03. Walter Fini – Light path
04. Walter Fini – Confused mind
05. Walter Fini – Solitude
06. Walter Fini – One minute
07. Walter Fini – Cold days
08. Walter Fini – Yesterday’s life
09. Walter Fini – Next world
10. Walter Fini – Vegas
11. Walter Fini – Abendstanz
12. Walter Fini – Falling stars
13. Walter Fini – Der Atem am Ende
14. Walter Fini – Almost heaven

(2016) Label: GV SoundGenre: electronica

15. 88 – Timeless
16. 88 – Rise
17. 88 – Coma Berenices
18. 88 – Illusion

Elia Casu. 
Elia has a degree in Jazz Guitar from the Conservatorio di Cagliari in Sardinia, and a Masters in New Musical Languages in Siena, Tuscany. He founded a modern music academy in Sardinia (IT) and has been an improviser and teacher from the age of 18. In 2015 he moved to Peru and began working as sound designer and composer for a media production company. Now he’s living in Istanbul. He has played all across Italy and Europe as a member of the bands OnGaku2, PER, Takoma, Nick Rivera and Rural Electrification Orchestra. He is prolific writer with over 20 albums under his belt.

This work is a consequence of one year of traveling across continents. Glaciers was recorded and conceived between Peru, Sardinia and Istanbul.

19. ELYA – Chinese Calendar
20. ELYA – Istasi
21. ELYA – Glaciers
22. ELYA – Cordillera Blanca
23. ELYA – Pastoruri
24. ELYA – Changing immobility 

25. Miroslav Wilde – Miroslav Wilde – Morning (Original Mix).mp3
26. Miroslav Wilde – Miroslav Wilde – Ocean (Original Mix).mp3
27. Matti T – Escape From One’s Memory 

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