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Sometimes I feel the need to actually showcase experimental music. There is a lot of it in tonight’s show.Sometimes I feel the need to actually showcase experimental music. There is a lot of it in tonight’s show.

Lorenzo Olivieri aka Counterfly, the latest member of our Broque family, is just 20 years young but appears to have inhaled music in all its flavors for his entire life, with a specific taste for jazz as well as electronic music. On his debut release he combines these influences in a way which is as multilayered as it is well-balanced, to an extent which you’d expect from experienced and highly talented artist of the likes of Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet), but which surprises when shown by newcomer on his debut EP.

Released: April2016

Country: Italy

Label: Broque

Catalog: brq110

01. counterfly – glazed

02. counterfly – city of thoughts

03. counterfly – death of a squirrel

04. counterfly – glimmers

05. counterfly – biomüll

Comet in London is amazement and resignation from a second Journey after thirty years showing signs of aging on the impregnated skin; Comet in London is assimilation, chaotic integration of world cultures nested in perpetual running for survival, to a physical space to breed; Comet in London tells of dilated pupils, fascinating and eternal love, gentle gestures, heads down and concentration in the own universe, sitting in the subway, strategic masterpiece of mechanization civic of the progress and tax automation; Comet in London is melancholy effort and decent recycling of music legends dignity present in a constant gloomy weather, taste bland as the daily food; Comet in London is a misleading and claustrophobic dream steeped in music inaccurate, resigned and withdrawal, an irritating electric-atonal joke, a passing comet, a renewed desire to stay and never return.

Paolino Canzoneri

Released: February2016

Country: Italy

Label: Nostress            Catalog: NN_LP067_02_16

Genre: electronica

Tags: experimental

06. Paolino Canzoneri – Please mind the gap (between the train and the platform)

07. Paolino Canzoneri – No sugar, no milk

08. Paolino Canzoneri – Shuttle service for Brent Cross (emibant revisited)

09. Paolino Canzoneri – Vauxhall Bridge due volte

10. Paolino Canzoneri – Pancrazio vuole tornare (Camden Town coffee break)

11. Paolino Canzoneri – Poi però non piove

12. Paolino Canzoneri – Pelham Street easy oldstyle

13. Paolino Canzoneri – Tube strike

14. Paolino Canzoneri – Le scale degli Abbey Road Studios

15. Paolino Canzoneri – Come una cometa di passaggio

“All three tracks of this release were written in 2013 under the influence of Experimental and Glitch-directions, and Clicks & Cuts collection (Mille Plateaux rec.), Which at one time had a tremendous impression on me.” – Eva Schlegel

Released: July2016


Label: Southern City’s Lab            Catalog:SCL-ND16
Genre: electronica

16. Eva Schlegel – Lighthouse

17. Eva Schlegel – Welcome Aboard

18. Eva Schlegel – Escapism

a heartful dub-techno work (soundtrack). While creating this music, I was greatly influenced by my trips to the sea. I wish you were immersed into the atmosphere of travelling alongside the endless ocean. Just enjoy it!

Released: November2015

Country: Russia

Label: kopoc            Catalog: KPL033

Genre: electronica

Tags: deep techno

19. Miroslav Wilde – Miroslav Wilde – Morning (Original Mix).mp3

20. Miroslav Wilde – Miroslav Wilde – Ocean (Original Mix).mp3

Released: April2016

Label: Feuerstein

Catalog: FSR002

Genre: electronica

21. Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – 01 – Happy Feelings (babirusa mix).mp3

22. Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – 02 – Kalimba Funk (djembé mix).mp3

23. Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – 03 – Make It Funky (limited android analog mix).mp3

24. Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – 04 – Strawberry Boogie (pepino mix).mp3

25. Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – 05 – The Look In Your Eyes (futuna mix).mp3

26. Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – 06 – Thinking About Your Love (vinyl mix).mp3

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