Edison's Electronic Review - 479

Sobria Ebrietas
And Day Brought Back My Night
Piloteleven Netlabel

Netlabel, podcasts, music and sound. Based in Ashdown Forest, Sussex, England.
In 2015 the focus shifted mainly to the creation of podcasts featuring releases by other netlabels and individuals from around the world.
Pilot Eleven is run by Graeme Gill (aka Drey Grade, Graeme ATG, G.A.G and FIELD SET)

01. Sobria Ebrietas – And Day Brought Back My Night part 1
02. Sobria Ebrietas – And Day Brought Back My Night part 2
03. Sobria Ebrietas – And Day Brought Back My Night part 3

Phonocake  (Label) says:
After a final winter stupor we gaze into the rays of closer photons and see Matti T’s latest color expressions, in both his visual artwork and also four new tracks he brings to us. New in style is a more dancefloor like track whose musical direction we already could feel in the Teppana release, a group in which Matti T is a member in. The trance like positive vibes guide us into an ambivalent beauty of a strong electronica track. Sunbeams will increase the spirit and the final track will guide you into another realm, moving and somehow rocking.
Dance in the easy chair, with a bittersweet taste of love, loss and hope, amidst a space opera.

04. Matti T – Glow
05. Matti T – Delusion
06. Matti T – Sunbeams
07. Matti T – Escape From One’s Memory

(2017)  Label: mnmn recordsGenre: electronica
Released: February2017
Country: Russia
Label: mnmn records            
Catalog: MNMN433
Genre: electronica

08. a.eer – aqueous
09. a.eer – underheavyskies
10. a.eer – transparence
11. a.eer – inflow
12. a.eer – alight
13. a.eer – deepersigh
14. a.eer – behinddarkness
15. a.eer – floatincold


mystical experience
(2017)  Label: mnmn recordsGenre: electronica

Released: October2017
Country: Russia
Label: mnmn records            
Catalog: MNMN472
mnmn records  (Label) says:
contemplation within one’s own inner universe.

16. asovskiy – inside [feat anton borisov]
17. asovskiy – mandala
18. asovskiy – mystical experience

19. Walt Thisney – Common
20. Walt Thisney – Delphian
21. Walt Thisney – Distant Shores
22. Walt Thisney – Shadowself
23. Walt Thisney – Vala

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