Edison's Electronic Review - 478

Security in Obscurity. Some more Russian music, mostly, but possibly listen worthy, well I like it, maybe you will too.

01. 1. TwichGarden – Terra Selena
02. 2. TwichGarden – Podkayne
03. 3. TwichGarden – Troublemaker
04. 4. TwichGarden – Unleashed
05. 5. TwichGarden – Your Beauty will Never Fade
06. 6. TwichGarden – Rising Dark

about the project:
immersion in an eclectic electronics:
album, combine the deep and introspective and dynamic dance tracks, which brought together a variety of components and echoes of the most different directions.
Risssing – electronic project from the city of Moscow.
Most of the tracks based on the rhythm of broken, however there are no boundaries of style.
There is much to hear from the hard drum’n’bass to idm and most unusual lo-fi.
The project has existed since 2008. The purpose of the project: the emotions the listener (any)

07. Risssing – Sometimes
08. Risssing – No Name
09. Risssing – Alley
10. Risssing – Galaxy
11. Risssing – Haze (feat. AlexMiga)
12. Risssing – Hokum A
13. Risssing – Imbalance
14. Risssing – Many Faces
15. Risssing – Tambov0806
16. Risssing – Don’t Look Back

17. Bereg Rusalki – Flood
18. Bereg Rusalki – Dew
19. Bereg Rusalki – Backwater, Moss and Trees
20. Bereg Rusalki – Shyness
21. Bereg Rusalki – Mira’s Rose

22. Future Perfect – Relative Thought
23. Future Perfect – Gravity_Mod.Factor=0
24. Future Perfect – La balade en forêt
25. Future Perfect – New Horizons
26. Helicalin – Haze (part 1)

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