Edison's Electronic Review - 477

 Some slow-ish minimal-ish ambient-ish beaty-ish music for Friday.

Helicalin is the moniker of ambient producer Александр Азимов (Alexander Asimov), a member of Lost Radiance. This EP is called Haze.

01. Helicalin – Haze (part 1)
02. Helicalin – Haze (part 2)

While no stranger to electronic music production (having been dabbling in various creation methods and styles since the late 90’s), the last few years have ushered in a desire to break from the typical point-and-click productions so prevalent in underground dance music today, and thus the EE7A project is born. EE7A (Clayton Brooks) was introduced to the eurorack format of modular synthesis in 2015, and it was all downhill from there. All music is recorded direct in one take from the summed stereo output of a battle-ready Mackie mixer.

The album’s name is Goods.

03. EE7A – Defy the Narrative
04. EE7A – Asleep at the Wheel
05. EE7A – Phase Two

From the Monokrak netlabel, here is FloatingMind, with two EPs. FloatingMind is from Switzerland.

06. FloatingMind – A Touch Of
07. FloatingMind – Do Not Pretend To Be The Same
08. FloatingMind – Thank You To You
09. FloatingMind – Amar
10. FloatingMind – Nuni
11. FloatingMind – Spritzitual

To finish, a single from Eva Schlegel, which I played the whole album of last week, the album is Broken Doll.

12. Eva Schlegel – Melanc(holy) [lost project]

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