Edison's Electronic Review - 476


**I couldn’t bring myself to cull enough of this music to fit it into the two hours, it’s just a little bit long. I will start a couple minutes early **

From the Bulgarian Mahorka netlabel, 4t Thieves – Details

“A sentimental journey from warm analog sounds, designed to make you remember past times.” — 4t Thieves

01. 4t Thieves – Blue
02. 4t Thieves – Green
03. 4t Thieves – Gold
04. 4t Thieves – Orange
05. 4t Thieves – Aqua
06. 4t Thieves – Grey

From Russia – Southern City’s Lab Netlabel, here is Eva Schlegel with Broken Doll.

I don’t know why I keep going for Russian electronica. But I like it.

07. Eva Schlegel – Broken Doll
08. Eva Schlegel – Cold Desert
09. Eva Schlegel – Random Interlude
10. Eva Schlegel – Whisper of Night Streets
11. Eva Schlegel – Melanc(holy) [lost project]

From the Russian GV Sound netlabel, here comes Modern Crusader with Long Way Home II.

This is a second (and last) chapter of Long Way Home series.
It’s about search for the truth and deliverance from all of the life hardships.

With this music I tried to express my vision of following life principles:
Revival, Ordeal, Devastation, Order, Essence, Existence, Unity, Solitude, Peace.

12. Modern Crusader – Aftermath
13. Modern Crusader – Impact Event
14. Modern Crusader – Wasteland
15. Modern Crusader – Gravity
16. Modern Crusader – Stardust
17. Modern Crusader – Time
18. Modern Crusader – Voyager
19. Modern Crusader – Farscape
20. Modern Crusader – Home

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