Edison's Electronic Review - 474

Dub Techno, or Deep Techno, is an electronic variant of both Techno and Dub. Well, that’s what is claimed. Here is some Dub/Deep Techno which appropriates ambient, techno, and even some house in places.

From Cold Fiction Music:

The second release from label artist MVar is still quite the atmospheric journey through Dub Techno, but leaning more on the Techno side this time around. Four more fantastic tracks great you from a talented
producer of Dub Techno. May he become a favorite of yours as well!

01. MVar – White and Blue
02. MVar – Twilight. Midnight
03. MVar – When The Lights Fade
04. MVar – End of the Road

…and here is the first album from MVar.

05. MVar – Projection 1
06. MVar – Projection 2
07. MVar – Projection 3
08. MVar – Projection 4d
09. MVar – Projection 5

TvSkY, a versatile electronic musician from Australia with roots in deep Dubtechno, brings Being and Time via the Subsymbolic netlabel:

10. TvSkY – Serenity of the Endless Woods
11. TvSkY – Being and Time
12. TvSkY – The Garden of the Sun
13. TvSkY – The Whisper of Rain
14. TvSkY – Dying Light Ushers in
15. TvSkY – Last Night in Exile

From Germany on the CYAN netlabel:

16. Xcel / Word – Bud-Visor
17. Xcel / Word – The ferry tale
18. Xcel / Word – Bossa Manao

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