Edison's Electronic Review - 473



Tonight is a sort of combination of downtempo and electronica. I couldn’t decide which to do so why not both?

Undogmatic – The Philosophy of Nature (DWK317)

01. Undogmatic – Pale Blue Dot (by Carl Sagan)
02. Undogmatic – Darwin
03. Undogmatic – Physicalism
04. Undogmatic – Empiricism
05. Undogmatic – Naturalism
06. Undogmatic – Utilitarianism
07. Undogmatic – Utopia
08. Undogmatic – Skepticism
09. Undogmatic – The Last Few Months (feat. Concrete Cee)
10. Undogmatic – Chicxulub

Part 4 of the “Vintage Series” by Smooth continues the concept of deep tracks exclusively beeing produced using hardware synthesizers and outboard effects.

11. Smooth – Into Space 2080
12. Smooth – First Contact
13. Smooth – Black Knight Code
14. Smooth – Galactic Outpost
15. Smooth – Groove Street Nr 8
16. Smooth – Island Two

We can not be more proud to present this new reference by StuckMood. This Portuguese producer based
In Spain presents Code EP, a fantastic work formed by four cuts
Of precious and emotive electronic in abundance. According to the producer himself, “Codes” is the combination of sensations and thoughts connected with the Present, Past and Future.

17. Stuckmood – AC
18. Stuckmood – DD
19. Stuckmood – IG
20. Stuckmood – MF
21. Stuckmood – R1

Not since October 2017 have we had the pleasure of releasing new music by Crimean producer Cutside. Well, your wait is over, today we deliver “In Orbit EP”, a tasty selection of electronic sounds for you to cool out to. Download and enjoy.

22. Cutside – Home
23. Cutside – Stargazer
24. Cutside – The Last Days
25. Cutside – Fly Away

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