Edison's Electronic Review - 472

We finished the Sci-Fi-Con at SL so we’re back to our usual haunts in SL. For the rest of you who just listen to the radio, nothing changes other than the music, which again, is probably something you haven’t heard, and is creative commons and freely downloadable. That’s what this show is always about. 

Back in the groove, so to speak. Friday chill. 

Liner notes for Cutside: 

Not since October 2017 have we had the pleasure of releasing new music by Crimean producer Cutside. Well, your wait is over, today we deliver “In Orbit EP”, a tasty selection of electronic sounds for you to cool out to. Download and enjoy. 

02. Cutside – Fly Away
03. Cutside – The Last Days
04. Cutside – Stargazer
05. Cutside – Home 

From Dusted Wax Kingdom, and from France, here is Auditive Escape.

06. Auditive Escape – Shorelake
07. Auditive Escape – A Day
08. Auditive Escape – Cyclic Hymns
09. Auditive Escape – Cold Thought
10. Auditive Escape – Yurtifale
11. Auditive Escape – Des Voiles Ment
12. Auditive Escape – Epsilon
13. Auditive Escape – Fluvial Aspen
14. Auditive Escape – Un Plongeon Céleste
15. Auditive Escape – Autophusis 

SciFi Lullaby, the sonic project formed by Bruno De Vincenti, Jorge Castro and Ramiro Larrain, leaves us here a very delicate work, very careful is its forms and composition. Undoubtedly, we have these three fundamental pillars of the Argentine electronica scene that come together every so often to do what they do best, to express with sounds the hundreds of ideas that go through their little heads. 

16. SciFi Lullaby – Reflejo en el Agua
17. SciFi Lullaby – Puntual
18. SciFi Lullaby – Laberinto de Espejos
19. SciFi Lullaby – Granular Moon
20. SciFi Lullaby – Abejas del Desierto
21. SciFi Lullaby – Distancia Cercana 

Radj – Fiore – Dusted Wax Kingdom 

22. Radj – Ivanovna
23. Radj – In Raw
24. Radj – Crocus
25. Radj – Roza
26. Radj – Taina
27. Radj – Ikebana
28. Radj – Fiore
29. Radj – Ocotillo
30. Radj – Monotropa 

Random Nice Tracks 

31. Erick Upheaval – Crimson Guise
32. Erik Jackson – It’s Time  

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