Edison's Electronic Review - 471


We’re at a Sci Fi Con this week at RadioSpiral – in Second Life, where there is no worry about viruses. Well, physical ones. So for this week I’m thinking about the most basic of Sci Fi concepts: Space Journeys.

From the artist: Subjective astral with landscape still of ubiquitous faun and flora. About hope… because it still can be warm in the cold reality of our century, which circles so fragile in the space. About moon landscape with a rain scented thriving tree. About love for which we wait, reaching our hands in the space withound sound. About view which can be seen from the “Discovery’s” cockpit windows, about transformation from the spiritual void into the grassy jupiter coloured as Her hair.

Music: Marek Suczilin
Samples: the “Amateur” song, choir part from Wojciech Kilar’s album titled “Missa Pro Pace” 2001
Netlabel: Far From Showbiz

DSRV – Amateur [ffs06]

01. DSRV – 01 Difficult thoughts
02. DSRV – 02 Marker permanent
03. DSRV – 03 And then its happened
04. DSRV – FFS06 Dsrv – 04 HAL-9000
05. DSRV – 05 Silent like never before
06. DSRV – 06 Mechanical touch
07. DSRV – 07 Forever
08. DSRV – 08 Random view
09. DSRV – 09 Around the Moon
10. DSRV – 10 An episode
11. DSRV – 11 Plain
12. DSRV – 12 Sea stones
13. DSRV – 13 Deeper
14. DSRV – 14 Amateur
15. DSRV – 15 End of life
16. DSRV – 16 Rainy end of the day

The question of the extraterrestrial intelligence existence thrills people for many ages. Thinking about the possibility of its existence, the mankind is searching tirelessly. It sends an endless stream of signals by cosmic routes in hope of finding and making contact with another intelligence. Lucks and fails follow each other, while the explorations expand our knowledge about the near and distant space, thus helping to take a new look at the place of the person in the great universal home.

Composed by Ether. All instruments programmed, music written and arranged by Alexey Sirotkin.

Ether – Comm [USC-WR-1208.0080]

17. Ether – Intro
18. Ether – Comm
19. Ether – Intermission One
20. Ether – Below
21. Ether – Intermission Two
22. Ether – Do You Read Me?
23. Ether – Intermission Three
24. Ether – The Signals from Distant Beacons
25. Ether – Intermission Four
26. Ether – Very Synthetic Life
27. Ether – Intermission Five
28. Ether – Cosmic Railway Line
29. Ether – Outro

The final few tracks are from the Electro-Music.com family.
This time the group was titled Parallel Universe.
Greg Waltzer and friends

30. Parallel Universe – Distant Memory
31. Parallel Universe – Lakes of Methane
32. Parallel Universe – Delta Centauri

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