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After almost 10 years of doing these shows using iTunes and Nicecast, I’m changing my workflow to Mixxx, which I use for my other track-orientated shows. In kind of a celebration (or risk limitation) I’m going to play out of the rather comprehensive library I have. Hope you like it.

Glanko is the musical moniker of Italian electronic composer Giuseppe Fallacara.
He creates widescreen electronica, Canyon-deep beatscapes are shot through with mesmerising synth melodies,
wraithed in breathy atmospherics that send a shiver up the spine.
Rarely is such intensity and power coupled with a lightness of touch, allowing tracks to seamlessly evolve into dizzying cinematic scenes.

01. Glanko – Telekommand A
02. Glanko – Apatia
03. Glanko – 9003 (w/ Mote)
04. Glanko – Tele MZ
05. Glanko – Maikurofomu CC

Hanetration’s Torn Heat EP (VULP-0041) full of delightfully gauzy textures – dreamlike and at times sinister. Based in London, UK, Hanetration has crafted a work of interest to glitch, drone, and ambient fans alike with this EP. Torn Heat EP is a strong follow-up to Tenth Oar EP (self-released earlier this year), including four tracks that thematically build off of one another, from the minimal, yet adventurously engaging “Jurassic” to the closer “Flicker”, functioning as a haunting deconstruction of the music that came before.

06. Hanetration – Jurassic
07. Hanetration – Splinter
08. Hanetration – Sixth
09. Hanetration – Flicker

From Sirona Netlabel, here is Hexagon Sun, with Subtle Growth.

10. Hexagon Sun – The Piece of Reality I Remember
11. Hexagon Sun – Wherever The Rays Take Us
12. Hexagon Sun – Polysignal Awareness
13. Hexagon Sun – Abstained, With The Nautilus
14. Hexagon Sun – There, In The Oceans Beyond Time
15. Hexagon Sun – Millenia As A Sunset

French composer Ike Harold brings us the Red Album, also from Sirona Netlabel

16. Ike Harold – River
17. Ike Harold – Lessons
18. Ike Harold – Unexpected

1+e is the first release by Kevin Bryce. It contains ambient tunes with chill-out, maybe suitable for coming season in the northern hemisphere. “This album specifically is focused on my interest in science fiction books and movies”, Kevin said. “The process usually starts with a scene from an imaginary movie. Then I try to come up with the soundtrack for that scene. 4am Sunset for instance was a chase scene. All the songs have a specific scene I imagined while making them, although I hope the listeners will come up with their own associations!”

19. Kevin Bryce – The Wind Is Making The Trees Move Again
20. Kevin Bryce – Sports Day
21. Kevin Bryce – Sines
22. Kevin Bryce – 4am Sunset
23. Kevin Bryce – Buttered Stairways
24. Kevin Bryce – Ladders
25. Kevin Bryce – Now I Will Destroy The World Again

due to their professional work within the digital world (architecture / software-engineering) ‘oblivion’and ‘ntk’ discovered the possibilities to create soundscapes with laptops and the musical freedom that can be achieved with this new media. the main interest of ‘digitalis’ is to produce music in a professional studio-environment and perfoming live-sets in lounge areas combined with visuals.

the ‘breakfast at 2063’ is like the title suggests an exclusive work for 2063music – and a very essential one. light scapes over silent voice modulations, silent astounding beats and transparent athmospheres. ‘dotons rmx’ is a remix of 020200 and [in]anaces ‘dotons’ which you can meet at the ‘from crop to merge’ ep. welcome to 2063!

26. digitalis – transform
27. digitalis – blackcream
28. digitalis – information channel

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