Edison's Electronic Review - 469


Turning down to a more ambient style, here is Ivan Black with Hidden. He writes of his music: “The music I create is mainly electronic, covering many styles. Ambient, electronic, dance and experimental styles. My influences? There are so many, to be honest. Everything from classical, electronic and dance to more experimental. The more obvious are German experimental electronic artists and a lot of well known ambient musicians. My inspirations are taken from the people I love and trust. It’s with their understanding and help that I am able to create music.”

Behind The Dream 5:56 Ivan Black Hidden

But You Know They Are Waiting 10:40 Ivan Black Hidden

Colours Emerge 17:36 Ivan Black Hidden

Feelings Of Sorry 7:04 Ivan Black Hidden

From View 6:04 Ivan Black Hidden

In The Fog 15:54 Ivan Black Hidden

Tears Flow 18:43 Ivan Black Hidden

And then there is Walter Fini with Naviganti:
‘Naviganti’ contains 6 tracks composed during the last 2018. Six sound environments inspired by the romantic, melancholic and decadent atmospheres of one of the painters who has I often illuminated / obscured my music with its pictorial visions, without time. Contemplative and not too experimental, without particular pretensions other than to provide the listener with a place to stay for about 40 minutes. A space to explore and explore, among the usual ‘chiaroscuro’ proposed in the sound contrasts. Navigate inside a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, one of your choice…
Note, I am only playing 5 of the pieces today.

Epici placidi naviganti 8:07 Walter Fini Naviganti

Notte languida 4:28 Walter Fini Naviganti

Il tempo cambia 10:38 Walter Fini Naviganti

Estrellas 6:45 Walter Fini Naviganti

Siriana 6:00 Walter Fini Naviganti 

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