Edison's Electronic Review - 468

Some more upbeat music for this week. A bit of variation again.

First we have Frank Tischer from Germany with Polaris.

The Dream 10:15 Frank Tischer Polaris

Under the Jade Sky 5:11 Frank Tischer Polaris

Polar Lights 5:06 Frank Tischer Polaris

The great unknown 3:45 Frank Tischer Polaris

Etude 7:37 Frank Tischer Polaris

Return Voyage 8:47 Frank Tischer Polaris

Te veo 8:57 Frank Tischer Polaris

Teppana is a trio from Finland. You certainly will hear the influence by artist Matti T, who released on phonocake some EPs and albums already. In the Triple EP he accompanied with two friends and you can feel a dancefloor moment in some tracks.Top notch high life emotional output will touch your hearts. 

Triple 5:10 Teppana Triple EP

Sleep 4:16 Teppana Triple EP

Summer 5:16 Teppana Triple EP

Till We Meet Again 4:18 Teppana Triple EP

Profundas e intensas melodías en esta nueva referencia a cargo del productor americano Aevio. “Oasis EP” está formado por cuatro magníficos cortes de Electrónica orquestada con milimétrica precisión. Downtempo, Ambient y IDM, herramientas fundamentales en la producción de Aevio.

Arrive 6:03 Aevio Oasis EP

Broken Matter 4:09 Aevio Oasis EP

Oasis 3:23 Aevio Oasis EP

Water Drops 7:18 Aevio Oasis EP

Kalumet is back! The label veteran brings us his long awaited EP, delivering 3 original tracks and one remix. Each track is a refreshing wave of cutting edge music.The First Wave is tribalistic, the Second Wave is pumping, and the Third Wave is hypnotic.

First Wave 6:54 Kalumet Kahuna EP

Second Wave 7:29 Kalumet Kahuna EP

Third Wave 7:21 Kalumet Kahuna EP

Still Life 4:35 4T Thieves Hauntology

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