Edison's Electronic Review - 466

A complete departure from the past few shows. I came across some really lovely piano/neoclassical albums and I felt these would be lovely to share.

If Kai Engel’s third album showed his abilities as a composer of cinematic soundtracks for historical films, then his new work gets us back to the neoclassical tone of sound, only with far greater versatility and skill. Once again you’ll hear lyrical melodies born in joys and sadnessess of love, inspired by a melancholy in the night, a light sorrow and urban romantics.

Waking Stars 2:53 Kai Engel Evening Colors

Melancholy Aftersounds 2:43 Kai Engel Evening Colors

Rainfall Serenade 3:07 Kai Engel Evening Color

Our Darkness In The Sky 2:47 Kai Engel Evening Colors

Life’s Composing 1:42 Kai Engel Evening Colors

For Better Or Worse 3:39 Kai Engel Evening Colors

Puddles And Bars 1:55 Kai Engel Evening Colors

It’s Only Mourning 2:54 Kai Engel Evening Colors

With An Ashtray By My Side 2:45 Kai Engel Evening Colors

 Try as you like, it’s doubtful that you can avoid something along the lines of ‘noir’, ‘heaviness’, and in some cases ‘cyberpunk’ when describing this album. We probably can, though. ‘Paradigm Lost’ is uncertain, but not because this contrast between the almost industrial pressure and the usual kind of Engel’s melancholy isn’t organic, it is. And the album is betting on it. It defines its primary mood as uncertainty and confusion. This is a short but memorable road from the most gloomy to the most aspriring moments of Kai’s music.

A Neon Flesh 6:31 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Cutting To The Chase 2:30 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Tentative Steps 4:10 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Past The Lanterns 3:49 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

The Burden Of Empathy 4:07 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Streets As Friends 2:24 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Comfort In A Bottle 2:50 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Transcending Heaven 2:59 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Junction 3:15 Kai Engel Paradigm Lost

Elegant, diverse and distinct, the arctic vitality of Flavio Severino’s album “Mancanze” tells a solemn and in-places oneiric tale that stands well on its own, riddled with delicate nuance and a hyperborean conviction. With an ethereal tranquility that appears to pulsate in time with the landscape it claims to represent, natural, classical and contemporary inspiration becomes apparent, with juxtaposing genres complimenting each other magnificently.

Specchio 4:30 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Scelte 6:33 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Profumi 5:44 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Vento 4:27 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Mediterraneo 3:23 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Istanze 3:12 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Sequenze 3:34 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Coma 2:58 Flavio Severino Mancanze

Silenzi 6:36 Flavio Severino Mancanze

 The Silent Ballet magazine and the Lost Children Net Label joined forces with the goal of providing a quarterly compilation that operated outside the boundaries of genre stereotypes, consistently promoted new and emerging artists, and released exclusive tracks into the public. Nine compilations later, we’d like to think that this venture has been a success; over one hundred artists have graciously lent a track to a compilation, the series has been downloaded over 70,000 times, and we’ve received great feedback from readers and musicians alike about discovering a new favorite band thanks to the series.

Fok 4:29 Ólafur Arnalds The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

Atlantic 3:28 Peter Broderick The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

Sketches from Memory 10:22 Joe Frawley The Silent Ballet: Volume 9


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