Edison's Electronic Review - 465

One of the side effects of prolonged isolation is that people get edgy. Cabin fever, or Stir-Crazy, seems to be on the rise. Let’s get some of that excess energy out with a bit of techno.

Carla Agulló alias Xols may not yet be a household name on the international club stage, though she is clearly on her way to get there sooner rather than later. Having played widely in her home town Barcelona but also across Europe, she is now focusing on her own musical vision of a techno sound which seems both ready for the future but also well-grounded in the past. Whereas all five tracks are pushing straight for the floor, their influences seem to come from different eras and regions, including references to the ore tracky sound of Chicago house but also not shying away fro more string-driven and atmospherically dark stompers and peaktime acid tracks which invite you to collectively freak out.

Off The Ground 6:38 Xols Illuminati Confirmed

Off The Ground 6:38 Xols Illuminati Confirmed

Functional 5:58 Xols Illuminati Confirmed

Fnord 6:02 Xols Illuminati Confirmed

Be Smart 6:53 Xols Illuminati Confirmed

Upgrade Your Soul 6:44 Xols Illuminati Confirmed

“Fractals” is the first album release by dutch Techno producer Paranal. The album contains 8 Techno classics produced on analog gear. This is Detroit influenced music with a slight touch of the X-Mix era, deep rhythms and beautiful eerie melodies, and this is for you.

Nu Society 2:25 Paranal Fractals

Nu Society 2:25 Paranal Fractals

ISON 4:15 Paranal Fractals

Inverted 3:17 Paranal Fractals

Fractals 3:23 Paranal Fractals

Centaurus A 2:22 Paranal Fractals

Celestial 2:46 Paranal Fractals

Xant 2:00 Paranal Fractals

Quibic 2:38 Paranal Fractals 

Nico Grubert might be a fresh face in the Broque roster, though in fact, he’s been active in the music scene since the 90s. That is underlined not least by “Echoes”, his impressive first album on Broque which surprisingly is a re-release of his 2006 debut album, calling to be re-issued since quite some time now. Originally released on Musicartistry, a Thuringian-based net label, the techno sound of the 12 tracks in between dub and Detroit still sounds remarkably contemporary and has been entirely remastered for this occasion. Though we have to admit that it was only a matter of accentuating details: the sound of the album in its core is up to date as always, given that it is inspired by classic techno labels like Kanzleramt, Metroplex or Planet E are known for, rather than by fashionable minimal trends. Hence, there is no use-by date implied. More maximal than minimal, Nico fully gives in to his liking of old-fashioned hi-hats, analog vibes, rolling arpeggios and emotional melodies. Together with his skilled use of vocals, “Echoes” tells a powerful story of techno in its heyday. And that’s a story everyone should hear every now and then.

sonntags bei anna 4:35 nico grubert echoes

planet red 6:24 nico grubert echoes

liquid beach 4:51 nico grubert echoes

limbo chicks 5:56 nico grubert echoes

caribic night 4:26 nico grubert echoes

epilogue 5:16 nico grubert echoes

echoes 5:58 nico grubert echoes

hypnotized 4:29 nico grubert echoes

stereogarden 6:23 nico grubert echoes

like this 5:56 nico grubert echoes 

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