Edison's Electronic Review - 462 - Various Artists

Dub Techno and Deep Techno as interpreted by Various Artists. Not a lot really to add there. Interestingly these subgenres start sounding like ambient with beats. Anyway, an upbeat-ish show to finish a not very upbeat week.

Grain 5:22 Aevio Bioluminescence 

Ecliptic 5:57 Aevio Bioluminescence 

Cassiopeia 6:36 Aevio Bioluminescence 

Sojourn 6:33 Aevio Bioluminescence 

Solitude 5:59 Aevio Bioluminescence 

Mimicry 6:25 Aevio Bioluminescence 

Bioluminescence 5:23 Aevio Bioluminescence Electronic 

Albatross 5:40 Aevio Bioluminescence Electronic 

Underwater DMT 6:57 Asphalt Layer Futur[e]cho 2019 

Green Stain 6:01 Careful Handling Futur[e]cho 2019 

The Silence Was Sweet 9:08 DeepWarmth Futur[e]cho 2019 

Neuron Transmissions 6:48 Edmahnd Futur[e]cho 2019 

Greensea Dub 4:45 ISA Futur[e]cho 2019 

Thin Ice 6:53 MVar Futur[e]cho 2019 

Dub Rhithm 8:17 R.Hz Futur[e]cho 2019 

Refresh 8:26 Twin Peetz Futur[e]cho 2019 

Iced White 8:03 Coppice Halifax Futur[e]cho 2019 

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