More Electronica and Trip Hop

More Friday music – I think this selection is actually even more unusual and listenable even according to my usual standards. I have ended up listening more to a few of these releases, and although I am frequently impressed with the quality of independent netlabel releases, I am occasionally surprised by just how good (to my taste) some of these releases are.  

Grain 5:22 Aevio Bioluminescence

Grain 5:22 Aevio Bioluminescence

Ecliptic 5:57 Aevio Bioluminescence

Cassiopeia 6:36 Aevio Bioluminescence

Sojourn 6:33 Aevio Bioluminescence

Solitude 5:59 Aevio Bioluminescence

Mimicry 6:25 Aevio Bioluminescence

Bioluminescence 5:23 Aevio Bioluminescence

Albatross 5:40 Aevio Bioluminescence

How Can I Cope With What I Know? 1:52 Leon Philosophy (EP)

Fruit Tea 2:24 Leon Philosophy (EP)

My Friend Went To The South And Came Back With A Beard 3:21 Leon Philosophy (EP)

Philosophy 2:56 Leon Philosophy (EP)

Blur 2:48 Leon Philosophy (EP)

And Day Brought Back My Night part 1 5:30 Sobria Ebrietas And Day Brought Back My Night

And Day Brought Back My Night part 2 4:05 Sobria Ebrietas And Day Brought Back My Night

And Day Brought Back My Night part 3 6:25 Sobria Ebrietas And Day Brought Back My Night

Glow 6:02 Matti T Colors EP

Delusion 5:43 Matti T Colors EP

Sunbeams 4:25 Matti T Colors EP

Escape From One’s Memory 7:13 Matti T Colors EP

Phantoms 7:12 Spintribe Phantoms EP

Vectra In Bedrock 6:56 Spintribe Phantoms EP

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