An interesting netlabel, which is based on a radio show in Belgium, which was a fairly close match to this show, in that they played new music. They did one more thing though, and they offered the collections for each show as both a podcast and as individual tracks.

So we’re going to listen to most of two of those shows, with a varied and fun playlist:

iPOMpEyA 4:31 Project “?!” [TUN 025DDUM] Phaeton Chronicles

Wavelet 4:31 AndyGun [TUN 019DD] Tunguska Chillout Grooves 7

l’irrequietezza dell’acciaio 5:49 Daniele Ciullini [FreeQ019] Il bacio della sirena

Paradise Of Optimists 3:32 Abnormal [Stroboskop023] Vinylized 2

New Horizonts 4:37 Dyno & Devil [3LR-019] Arrived From The Past

Find the truth 6:03 DjCode [MV022] If you could

vintage_homenaje_a_Victor_Jara 3:35 Baradit [epa080] Fluorescence

Mind Op 3:46 Zomblaze [BUBE-021] Dronk Noise Hip Hop/Rap

Behind the sun 3:43 Kid Panda (feat Planet Pluto) [EPH033] Bass Factory

stollen 011 7:02 Wolfgang Kirchheim [rehi027]

Made up fallacies 8:18 Shadee [mK] Kollektiv Artists 7.1

Toro Twilight 5:46 Enigma of Sound [FNet006] Pick ‘n Mix 2

HZ 5:53 Neonicle [RTSW13] Synthetic Voodoo Night

Brother Eye 8:29 Conde Cero [Antiritmo #040] Omega Project

resize your mind 6:36 max cavalerra [brq 061] eternity

eternity 9:44 max cavalerra [brq 061] eternity

Translate 3:19 Artner [BUBE-011] 11:40

Missione Pericolosa 3:04 Crookram [BUBE-012] Through Windows

Avian 7:55 Culprate [PLANET022] Avian Life on Mars Will Be…

Koji 6:35 Shift [pp034md] Koji

Understate 6:30 Felix Lupus [Antiritmo #042]

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