We’ve had a lot of stormy Fridays recently, but one of the things I love about doing this show is that it makes me go find new music, or at least music I haven’t heard before. Hopefully music I like, too.

For tonight I raided the Bump Foot netlabel on Archive.Org.

Without being too on the trip-hop side, or too on the ambient side, I ended up in the middle.

Two EPs by Reii – Aeris Iris EP and Faraway Times EP. We could describe this music as “spacy downtempo”, “trancy techno”, or “glitchy IDM”, but it’s a slower style of trip-hop which I found really fascinating to listen to.

We have heard Dimitris before, and this is indeed a replay, but I think it fits here. Black and White is mostly pianambient, and makes a nice counterpoint to the Reii playing before it, and especially what comes next.

Nienvox, with Sign, carries a slightly more organised tempo but retains the downtempo, acid jazz feel.

And we finish with SM, the Met-Amorphous EP. I simply find it a great listen.

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